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Co-Working Space

There is also a co-working space available on the upper floor. You will have enough seclusion so you can concentrate and tick off tasks on your to-do lists, but it also offers a view of the main art space below if you need a screen time break.

Library and Reading Pods

Visitors can find a wide selection of books and references covering everything from art, design, architecture, culture and fashion. Guests can even climb a small ladder to reach a pod on the upper berth if they want complete seclusion.


Foundry also includes a cosy cafe where visitors can grab a coffee and a bite to eat. And yes, you can (carefully) wander around the entire art space with a coffee in hand as you take in all the stunning art and installations.

Podcast room

In the main art space, visitors will find steps leading upstairs to The Podcast Room – which is a space that can be used to create and record podcasts.

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About Foundry

Foundry is a hybrid progressive art space founded as a response to the evolving cultural scene in the UAE . It is a new cycle of creative attitude consisting of a collaborative open work space, podcast studio, micro library, café and surrounding gallery spaces. Foundry’s innovative environment is a space for possibility and provides Dubai’s community, and the global art scene, the opportunity to thrive, connect, communicate and exhibit.

The space offers a comprehensive program of exhibitions, commissions, workshops, talks and film screenings, and brings a broad range of contemporary art and a cultural programme to the communities of Dubai, the UAE and the wider region.


Boulevard Crescent,
Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard

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