Hidden way – Jalal Mashhadi Fard

Hidden way – Jalal Mashhadi Fard

Gallery 5

Calendar Icon 26 Apr 2024 - 25 May 2024

…And if He bars against you all ways and passages, He will show you a Hidden way,
which no man knows…


Jalal Mashhadi Fard’s Artworks are formed in praise of emancipation. With a familiar expression, Jalal tries to invite the audience to break free from the world of reality and law constraints. His work is usually a critique of limitations.
Jalal believes that all art mediums are interconnected in his artworks to show a more effective presentation of his pleasure. Therefore, he expresses himself to the audience by using different mediums in his artworks in which the viewer is exposed to many signs of architecture, painting, virtual art, etc., in his projects.


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