Thibault Cadro – Fine Art Prints Collection

Thibault Cadro – Fine Art Prints Collection


Calendar Icon 25 Jan 2023 - 26 Feb 2023

Printmaking is a unique art form at the crossroads of creativity and craftsmanship. It encompass many diverse techniques such as but not limited to lithography, serigraphy, engraving and etching.

During the second part of the 20th century in particular, artists created more prints and introduced more technical innovations than ever before. From Pop-Art to Abstract Art, from Cubism to l’Art brut, all major artists have experimented and created via printmaking. Picasso, Warhol, Braque, Matisse, Basquiat and Chagall just to name a few, have used it to make their are available to a wider audience.

Fine Art Prints can use different medium but also form, ranging from an exhibition poster to an art magazine like the famous “Derrière le miroir”. It can reproduce an existing artwork or be based on an original graphic works specifically created for a particular purpose/print. It can further be part of an open edition or be published to a very limited amount, inclusive of hand signature and/or numbering by the artist on certain occasion.

Beside the renowned artists, printmaking also often include the collaboration of other key players such as the printshops, editors, publishers, print makers, gallerists and/or art dealers. Some of the most influential among other have been: Fernand Mourlot, Ambroise Vollard, Aimé Maeght, Charles Sorlier.

This exhibit gives a first sneak peek into the larger collection of fine art prints owned by collector Thibault Cadro. He started collecting fine art prints back in 2009 with a focus on Keith Haring’s prolific work. Since then, the collection has evolved and now comprises over a hundred artworks from various renowned as well as top emerging artists. Thibault Cadro is an art-enthusiast who collect art as a side passion.

Instagram: @hussart_collector