Unzipme – Paolo Troilo – Presented by Nobile Agency

Unzipme – Paolo Troilo – Presented by Nobile Agency

Gallery 3

Calendar Icon 26 Apr 2024 - 25 May 2024

Nobile Agency presents “Unzipme,” an exhibition by Paolo Troilo. He is known for being the only artist in the world who uses his fingers to create hyper-realist figurative paintings.

The exhibition features nine tapestries made of denim and adorned with golden zippers, all painted using his unique technique. The concept behind “Unzipme” centers on freedom from compression. The works presented are considered nine manifestos on the concept of “open-mindedness,” which is currently jeopardized by the reduction of culture and information to a minimum by new media. The project is presented by Nobile Agency of Milan and was brought to life thanks to the contribution of Mr. Siddarth Sinah, a patron, and Lampo, a historic Italian company and leader in the production of zippers.


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