Dubai Hills Mall

address Level : First Floor / Parking : P1 - Geant

INSPIRED BY NORWAY… INNOVATED IN THE UAE. In Norway, waffles are everywhere and just as important as the croissant is to the French. Whether in cafés or made at home, they are the epitome of Nordic hospitality and warmth and have a special place in their hearts. That’s why our founder living in Dubai, developed WOFLS made from her Norwegian grandmother’s secret recipe, so she could bring a taste of home to the UAE. Grandma’s recipe was then given a modern twist to create today’s delectable WOFLS, folded into a sandwich and filled with all kinds of delicious fillings, either savory or sweet, with just the right balance of flavors The batters are made fresh every day. In fact, all the fillings and ingredients are sourced for their quality and taste, and as many things as possible are handmade or cooked at WOFL too – never bought in ‘ready to use’. Grandma would be proud. More...

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